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Our Story

Zinqobele Tutors was established by Sabelo and Beauty in 2014. They noticed an interesting trend of learners growing more frustrated with their methods of study.

  • A lot of these students did not have a method of learning so they would do poorly in their tests and exams.
  • The interesting part was that the majority of these students felt that they did well, that the exams or tests were fair or even easy but this would not be reflected in their marks.

Zinqobele Tutors was built to be different, as a result, our primary focus is teaching students how to be better learners.

  • We do this by helping the student develop good study habits, ones that they can go on to use at varsity and even in their own adult lives.
  • Giving the students an honest and realistic forecast of what the tuition will achieve for them currently and in the future.

Our private tutoring services are made for high-school students studying under the

  • IEB curriculum which is followed by most private high school in South Africa.
  • and CAPS curriculum which is followed by almost all public schools in South Africa.

Our team of tutors has over 15 years of combined Tutoring experience so you can be confident that your academic improvement is in safe hands.

Tutors That Care

Our Mission

Tutor every student to build their capacity to learn.

Provide high, quality Tutoring to all Students.

Our Values

  • Listen; Encourage and be a Source of Positive Energy.
  • Create a Comfortable Environment to Feel Free to Make mistakes, and truly learn.
  • Tutors Never Stop Learning

Our Profile

Zi-tutors is short for Zinqobele Tutors – meaning tutors on a mission to help you fight and conquer your battles.  We are primarily a Maths, English and Science tutoring company based in Cape Town South Africa.

Our core purpose is to help learners, learn how to study. We believe that teaching content to a learner is half of the solution. The other half is teaching them how to study for themselves.

…so what does learning how to study mean?

  • It means setting learning goals to achieve at the beginning of the year by the end of the year. as a result, this provides a motivational boost to keep going when school gets challenging,
  • Developing good study habits through an effective routine for learning tends to produce a better organized who is responsible about completing their work in time and never leave work for the last minute.
  • Lastly and Most importantly a learner who knows how to deal with exam anxiety and stress will always be better prepared for tests and exams and this is the ultimate goal of learning how to learn.

These are basics that we love to focus on when working with learners from all over South Africa. Teaching learners how to learn and how to keep fighting when learning gets challenging is an important part of our tutoring.

Our Tutors are well equipped to tutor each learner to achieve their learning goals and become independent learners.


The role of a tutors is to provide additional assistance to students in a specific subject that they need help in. Tutors are not teachers; they are not substitutes for attending class and they are not responsible for teaching the subject specific material. Rather, tutors are available to help students clarify subject content and develop effective ways to learn the material. Tutors also provide learning resources and study strategies that students can utilize for exam preparation.

Please be advised: Our tutors are not permitted to directly provide students with answers to any graded material including assignments, homework, projects, take-home exams, etc.

Student and a tutor connect using a computer and high-speed internet. During the session, the student and tutor typically use Groupworld.com or Googlemeet.com to hear and see each other, and an online whiteboard that they both can write on. They can also upload any images or worksheets onto the whiteboard.

ZiTutors offers one-to-one learning in your home to best accommodate your individual needs. NB: during the COVID-19 pandemic all our lessons are online.

Yes, we do but not during the Level 2 and Higher lockdowns for COVID-19.

We offer tutoring in a variety of subjects. Our most in-demand subjects are Pure Maths, English and Physical Science.

We offer Tutoring for Grades 4 – 12 for Mathematics, Science & Economics and Grades 1 – 9 For English.

ZiTutors opens (Yearly) from 10th of January to 31st of November. We operate on Mondays to Fridays from 14:00 to 21:00 and Saturdays to Sundays from 08:00 to 18:00.

Before tutoring starts or takes place, a meeting is set-up with both parent(s) and child to assess the need for a tutor, and where your child is struggling. Read more…

our tutoring sessions are held in your home with an adult present, or alternatively at a library or other mutually agreeable public location in your area. NB: during the COVID-19 pandemic all our lessons are online.

Yes, with your permission, the tutors we work with reach out to the student’s teachers to increase communication and understand the requirements of the class. Often, they also provide insight into the child’s learning challenges or areas where the student can get ahead of the class.

Yes, During the parent-child meeting we discuss scheduling constraints and work with the family to determine the best schedule for the sessions. Sessions can also be changed on a week to-week basis as it is the family that schedules their own lessons via our online platform.

Actively participate in the session by:

  • Taking notes during the session to refer to later.
  • Ask questions for clarification.
  • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the content covered during the session

Before coming in for a tutoring session, it is highly recommended that students do the following:

  • Go to class, listen attentively, take notes, and address questions with your teacher to clarify any difficulties or problem areas.

Remember: tutors are NOT teachers. They are not responsible for teaching you any material. Rather, they are available to assist you with specific concepts that you learned in class.

  • Attempt to do your assignments and practice problems before coming to your tutoring sessions.
  • Tutors are NOT permitted to do any assignments for you (exams, quizzes, homework, etc).
  • Identify specific concepts/areas where help is needed prior to attending your session.
  • Come prepared with all necessary materials: notes, books, handouts, etc

please email complains@zitutors.co.za for complains or suggestions.

support@zitutors.co.za for registration or login issues or membership issues.

accounts@zitutors.co.za for billing.

info@zitutors.co.za for general inquiries or

Send Your inquiry via our website here


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