Terms & Conditions Of Tutoring Services

These Terms & Conditions of service are here to protect the rights of the Tutor, Client and Student. Please read them very carefully, as you are entering into a legally binding agreement.


  • ZITutors offers a service where they provide Lessons to Students in one or more of the following subjects:
    • Pure Mathematics for Grade 7 to 12
    • Mathematics Literacy for Grade 10 to 12
    • Technical Mathematics for Grade 10 to 12
    • Natural Science for Grade 7 to 12
    • Physical Science for Grade 10 to 12
    • Technical Science for Grade 10 to 12
    • Life Science for Grades 10 to 12
    • Economics and Management Sciences for Grades 7 to 09 Online Only
    • English First Additional Language for Grades 1 to 12 Online Only
    • Economics for Grades 10 to 12 Online Only
    • Accounting Grade 10 Online Only

By entering into this Agreement, the Client appoints ZiTutors to provide the Services to the Client on the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement.

  • In this Agreement, the following definitions apply:
    • Agreement” means this agreement and any annexures or schedules to this Agreement, including ZiTutors’ privacy policy.
    • Client” means a student who is 18 (eighteen) years old or older or, in the case of a student who is under the age of 18 (eighteen) years old, a Parent of the Student or any legal entity or other adults, who enters into this Agreement to use the Services.
    • Fees” mean the amounts payable by the Client for the Lessons.
    • Lesson Package or Tutoring plan” means a number of Lessons purchased by the Client as a package.
    • Lesson Schedule” means the register signed by the Client acknowledging that the Lesson has occurred.
    • Lessons” means each session in the Lesson Package that a student receives from a Tutor.
    • Parent” means the person acting on behalf of the student, such as a parent or guardian or carer or another party of the student where the student is under the age of 18 (eighteen) who is responsible for such Student and is legally authorised to act on the Student’s behalf;
    • Student” means the person receiving the Tutoring Services from the Tutor.

ZiTutors” means: ZiMoja Group PTY LTD is a private company incorporated under the company laws of the Republic of South Africa, with its registered address situated at 6 Oxford Street, Goodwood, Cape Town, 7460; email hello@zitutors.co.za; and “Tutor” means the tutor that will provide the Lessons to Students.


ZiTutors provides the following Services:

Fill-The-Gap Tutoring

This type of tutoring is great for learners who have fallen behind on their schoolwork and need assistance to catch up with the rest of their classmates. It is also excellent for learners who lack an understanding of basic principles and concepts in a particular subject. Lastly, it is amazing for learners who need help with covering aspects of a previous grade’s syllabus. Please read here https://zitutors.co.za/private-tutoring/  for more information.

Matric-Rewrite Tutoring

This type of Tutoring is engineered for students looking to improve their grade 12 results or complete their grade 12 and get their senior certificate. It is a combination of Fill-The Gap Tutoring and Exam preparation for the matric exam. Please read here https://zitutors.co.za/matric-rewrite/ for more information.


ONLINE LESSONS – They take place via ZITutors online platform.

IN-HOME LESSONSThese are lessons done at the student’s home.

Until Further Notice, ZITutors is providing in-home tutoring for only the following Areas:

  1. Churchill Estate
  2. Glenlily Estate
  3. Riverton Estate
  4. Townsend Estate
  5. Tygerdal
  6. Goodwood estate
  7. Vasco Estate
  8. Richmond Estate
  9. Ryterwacht
  10. N1 City
  • A travelling fee of R4 per kilometre, if the address is more than 8 km away (return trip), is charged to the client. This is calculated from 6 Oxford Street, Goodwood, 7460.

Additional Lessons. Should the Client need to purchase additional Lessons at certain times, during exam periods, for example, the Client and ZITutors will negotiate the Lessons, and the applicable Fees and will schedule the Lessons, accordingly, taking the Tutor’s schedule into account. The Client will be liable for payment of the additional fees as agreed with ZiTutors but may be required to make payment for the additional Lessons upfront via EFT. The Client acknowledges that the scheduling of the additional Lessons is dependent on the Tutor and that the Client may be required to receive the Lessons from a different Tutor.

Unused lessons: If you have lessons that you cannot used for whatever reason, then you may give them to a friend or your sibling or use them for another subject.

These lessons must still be used before the end of The

  • Month if paying per month.
  • Term if paying per term,


Enrolment Fees: A once-off R350 non-refundable administration fee is charged each year for students enrolled in our Fill-The-Gap Tutoring or Online Exam Prep and in our Matric-Rewrite programme:

This fee covers:

  • Subject-specific worksheets based on the lesson and other administrative fees.
  • Evaluation of the student’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Session-based worksheets for practice
  • WhatsApp group set-up which students use to ask questions when we do not have lessons. This keeps the tutor constantly available to the student during business hours.

If you join in the middle of the term, the administration fee will still be payable in full, and ONLY lesson fees will be charged on a pro-rata basis. Lesson fees can be made via EFT or Cash deposit at an ATM or Nedbank branch, using the details below:

Banking details:

Account holder: Zimoja Group Pty Ltd

Bank: Nedbank

Account number: 1204555613

Type of account: Current Account

Branch Code: 198765

REFERENCE: Name and Surname of Student

Please make an EFT payment to the above account before tutoring commences and send proof of payment to accounts@zitutors.co.za. Lessons will be stopped if no funds have been reflected on ZiTutors account or Proof of payment has not been sent before lessons start.

Payments can also be made via our online booking platform.

Late Payments: All fees are to be paid strictly in advance.

  • Payment must be made before lessons can be scheduled.
  • Payment must be made on the agreed-upon date between ZiTutors and Client/Parent
  • Payment must be made for the tutoring plan that you have chosen.

Failure to adhere to this will result in a 10% penalty fee for the booked lessons if 1-day overdue. The Lessons will also be discontinued until all fees are paid in full. The booked lessons will be scheduled after the payment has been made and confirmed. No lessons will be lost due to non-payment. no lessons will take place before payment is made.

Changes to Fees. Fees may change from time to time on 30 (thirty) days’ notice. Fee changes will not affect or change Lesson Packages already paid for.


WhatsApp Group: every registered student will be assigned to a WhatsApp group. the purpose of the group is to provide academic, mental and emotional support outside of booked lessons.

The group will remain for as long as the student remains part of the ZiTutors family, meaning if a student is no longer having lessons with any ZiTutors Tutor for a period of 2-weeks or more, the group will be removed. We work with a lot of students at any given point so removing inactive groups is just part of our admin process, especially around exam times.


  • The student understands that ZiTutors does not guarantee any specific outcomes because of tutoring. ZiTutors will provide a tutor to help the student succeed. The rest depends on the student.
  • It is expressly understood that the student retains the services of the Tutor as an independent contractor and not as an employee.
  • A Tutor cannot be held responsible for chaperoning minors, nor guarding a house and household effects while tutoring. Please ensure that a responsible adult is always on the premises.


  • Arrive on time and attend all scheduled tutoring sessions.
  • Prepare before lessons and structure lessons in such a way as to optimize time to the benefit of the student.
  • Keep all information about the student confidential.
  • Contact other parties involved in the education of the student only if given written permission by the Client to do so.
  • At no time is required or obliged to execute assignments on behalf of the student.
  • Lesson reminders will be sent to students and parents for the first two weeks of every new term or after first enrolling.
  • After which, the student must keep track of the times and dates. No catch-up lessons will be arranged due to a student’s failure to remember the correct time and/or date.
  • Provide monthly reports on the student’s progress; issues; lesson preparedness and more.


  • Assist the Tutor in identifying problem areas in which the student needs specific tutoring.
  • This is important for the tutor to optimize time to best benefit the student.
  • Arrive on time and attend all scheduled tutoring sessions.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of their lesson’s dates, times, and any changes.
  • Bring all necessary materials (i.e., textbook, assignments, etc.) to each tutoring session.
  • Prepare for sessions by determining what needs to be covered and sharing that information with the Tutor.
  • Participate actively in all aspects of the tutoring session by asking questions, completing homework, etc.


  • Support and encourage their child(ren) in their involvement in the tutoring process.
  • Ensure that their child attends lessons as per the time agreed and scheduled.
  • Ensure that they’re properly equipped and punctual.
  • Pay lesson fees on time.
  • Make all necessary information available to the Tutor before each Lesson that the Tutor may require to properly assist the Student during each Lesson.
  • only use language that is appropriate and not offensive or discriminatory and treat the Tutor fairly and with respect.
  • ensure that all communications with the Tutor are appropriate and limited to what is relevant to the Lesson.
  • not discuss any personal matters with the Tutor or rely on the Tutor for any form of counselling.
  • not make any inappropriate suggestions to the Tutor.
  • not send any unsolicited communications to the Tutor.
  • Where the Student is a minor, ensure that a Parent is present during the Lesson or that the student is comfortable continuing the Lesson without a Parent being present.


Cancellations should be done via SMS, Phone Call or Email at accounts@zitutors.co.za  and via WhatsApp. They can also be done via our booking platform on https://zitutors.co.za.

If a Student/Parent gives the notice to cancel a lesson, then the notice must be given

  • During business hours:
    • Monday to Saturday – 08:00 to 21:00
    • And Sundays – 08:00 to 16:00.
  • The notice must be given at least 6 hours before the lesson starts and must be given during business hours:
    • Example 1: if you have a lesson on Thursday at 15:00 then the notice can be given on Thursday (same day) at 09:00 am at the latest.
    • Example 2: if you have a lesson on Thursday at 10:00 am then the notice must be given on Wednesday (the previous day) at 18:00 at the latest.

If the above is followed, then a catch-up lesson will be scheduled.

  • Lesson cancellations are done/requested within the 6 hours before a lesson is scheduled to start. This might be (but is not limited to) due to family emergencies; sickness; Unexpected Load-shedding or power outages; connectivity issues for online lessons only etc, will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. A catch-up lesson will be at ZiTutors’ discretion after a review of the facts.

No Lesson (in-home or online) will be cancelled/postponed or rescheduled after the lesson has started. No catch-up lesson will be scheduled.


If a student arrives late for a tutoring session, the client is responsible for paying the full amount for the agreed-upon time, even if the tutoring session must be cut short due to the student’s tardiness. However, at the Tutor’s sole discretion, tutoring sessions may continue past the original end-time to accommodate the student whenever possible, up to the original session length. If the Tutor is late for an appointment, the Tutor will stay after for the full time allotted.

Students who are late at the pre-determined location will be considered No-Shows after:

Online Lessons

The lesson room will stay open for the duration of the booked lesson and will only be closed at the time it was scheduled to end. If the Client is a No-Show, he or she is still responsible for payment of the tutoring session.  No catch-up lesson will be arranged.

In-Home Lessons

  • 15 minutes for a 60-minute lesson
  • 20 minutes for a 90-minute lesson and,
  • 30 minutes for a 2-hour lesson

If the tutor arrives at the client’s home (if this is the tutoring option chosen) and the client is not at home, the tutor will wait as outlined above. After which, the lesson will be deemed a No-Show. The client is still responsible for the payment of the tutoring session.  No catch-up lesson will be arranged.

If a Tutor is unable to attend an upcoming session, ZiTutors promises to contact the Client/Student using the number(s) provided as soon as possible, but no later than 6 hours before the scheduled tutoring session except in emergencies. The Tutor shall reschedule the appointment at a time agreeable to both parties.


Any Student under the age of 18 (eighteen) years requires the consent or assistance of a Parent to legally enter into this Agreement.


ZiTutors endeavours to render excellent service, in collaboration with the Tutors it represents. However, ZiTutors does not make any guarantees regarding the level of academic improvement the student will achieve. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to invest the time and effort needed to achieve academic goals.


This tutoring contract may be terminated by either party at any time by giving the other party 1-months’ notice before written notice.  Please give at least 1(one) -month’s notice in writing both to your Tutor and ZiTutors, so that your Tutor may conclude his/her work with the student.

Reasonable cancellation fee. Where this Agreement or a Lesson Package is cancelled, the Client may be charged a reasonable cancellation fee in terms of applicable law. The cancellation fee will be determined by considering the circumstances of and reasons for cancellation, the number of Lessons remaining in the Lesson Package purchased, the time remaining before the next scheduled Lesson and the ability of ZiTutors to find an alternative student to fill the time slot. A minimum fee will be the equivalent of the price of 1 (one) Lesson.

Cancellations must be sent to accounts@zitutors.co.za

The Terms & Conditions Of Service

You acknowledge (by clicking on the agree button) that you have read the terms and conditions and will abide by these terms of service as mentioned. You also acknowledge to promptly pay all fees due before lessons are to take place. You agree that you will be invoiced a 10% penalty fee if the payment is overdue, this penalty fee applies should you make payment a day after the agreed payment date by ZiTutors and the Client.

You agree to make all payments via EFT. Should you wish to make a cash deposit or make use of any other method of payment which may result in bank cost to ZiTutors, you acknowledge that you will be charged an admin fee (calculated based on your balance) for each transaction you make, to cover the bank fees charged to ZiTutors by the bank.

Finally, you also agree that you will give 1-month (30 days) written notice should you want your child to stop lessons at ZiTutors. You agree to pay the cancellation fee as set out in the terms and conditions if you choose not to give a 1-month written notice.

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