Tutoring Through The Power Of Good Habits

Tutoring That Builds students' capacity to learn.

Our tutoring offers students the opportunity to learn how to become better learners and as a result, broaden their capacity to learn.

Firstly, The Tutoring will help them accept that they will make mistakes as they embrace the dynamic challenge of learning. this is valuable. Secondly, help them set up learning goals to work towards. Thirdly, an action plan is created to help them navigate their journey to becoming an independent learner.

Fourthly, we help them create a daily study plan using their learning goals and an actions plan to know what to do to achieve their goals. as a result, our tutoring shows them how to mix their learning sessions as they learn to sharpen their self-study skills. Teach them how to take good notes in class so that you can review them later with ease.

Lastly and most importantly, our tutoring helps them understand the value of self-testing as a consistent tool of their study routine.

What is tutoring?

Tutoring is the process of effectively combining and balancing the tutor’s knowledge of the subject with Empathy to be able create a supportive relationship with the students, Honesty to be communicate openly with the students, and Humour of course, it always helps to know how to put the student at ease and feel that they can ask you any question and not be judged.

Our tutoring improves the student’s confidence in their ability to do hard things in their subject. We achieve this by creating an environment that makes the student feel comfortable enough to ask questions, make mistakes and truly improve their learning experience.


Types of tutoring to choose from

One-on-one, in-person tutoring

Traditional lessons where the tutor engages the learner at their home.

One-on-one, online tutoring

We do synchronous lessons, where the learner and tutor are online together in real time.

One-on-One, Matric Rewrite Tutoring

Online and in-person lessons to help students in CAPS or IEB curriculums improve their Grade 12 results in specific subjects.

The Benefits Of Our Tutoring

  • Improves academic performance and attitude towards learning.
  • Encourages learner self-paced and self-directed learning,
  • Improves self-confidence & teaches learners to practice good study habits,
  • Encourages and Increases independence and responsibility for their study.
  • Learners develop the ability to overcome learning obstacles as a result of better organization and improved confidence.
  • Learners feel freer to ask questions in class as a result of increased self-confidence.
  • Improves social and behavioural skills,
  • Lastly, our tutoring helps bored or under-stimulated children to reach their full potential by challenging and motivating them to try.

We Provide Tutoring In the following Curriculums.

We tutor the Curriculums which are taught by public schools under the department of education examination (DBE) system and most private schools under the independent examination board (IEB) in South Africa.

The IEB and DBE systems follow the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements or CAPS which outlines the school-leaving qualification, the National Senior Certificate (NSC) that Grade 12 students get when they complete the examinations successfully.

The CAPS curriculum is made up of four phases: firstly, Foundation phase which is grades R to 3. secondly, the intermediate phase, it is from grade 4 to 6.

We offer tutoring to learners who fall under the Senior Phase (grades 7 to 9) and the Further Education & Training phase or FET phase (Grade 10 to 12). 


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