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learn elegant and effective concepts to understand any problem.

At ZiTutors we provide Maths tutoring that help students acquire and develop their ability to think strategically about Maths problem-solving. We understand that, for a student to become a better learner, they must know how to approach any mathematical problem.

The methods used to solve Maths problems differs from concept to concept/grade to grade/chapter to chapter. The goal of our tutoring is to help students answer the question:

How can I use the Maths strategies I already know, have developed and are developing to solve the Maths problems in front of me? 

  • This concept focuses on helping students learn how to learn.
  • Learning how to learn is a skill that enables a student to think flexibly and creatively.
  • It motivates a student to apply their learning from context to problem.
  • Once a student understands this concept and can apply it, then their journey to mastery of mathematics is assured.
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What is Mathematics?

Mathematics, the language of numbers. this beautiful subject teaches students the ability to make connections between concepts and procedures. This results in improved reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.  

Under the south African primary and high school curriculums, Mathematics is a compulsory subject. This means that every student from Grade R to Grade 12 must have some form of mathematics. There are three forms of mathematics under the South African curriculum.

  • Pure Maths for Grade 7 to 12.
  • Maths Literacy for Grade 10 to 12; and
  • Technical Maths for Grade 10 to 12.

What Is Pure Mathematics?

This form of Maths probably seems far removed (when compared to Maths Lit or Technical Maths) from everyday life. That is  because, it studies the basic concepts and structures that underlie mathematics itself.

This means that in pure Maths, you are interested in proving theorems or demonstrating properties in abstract cases that arise from abstract mathematical constructions.

Pure mathematics concepts you will learn at school:

Whole Numbers, Integers, Exponents, Logarithms and Surds, Fractions, Patterns, Sequences and Series, Functions and relationships, algebraic expressions, algebraic equations and Inequalities, Trigonometry, Euclidean Geometry and Analytical Geometry, finance; growth and decay, probability and statistics, Linear programming, Differential calculus.

We offer Maths tutoring for Grades 7 to grade 12.

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What Is Maths Literacy?

This form of Maths uses the student’s ability to identify and understand the role of mathematics in the modern world. Maths lit challenges its students to interpret and critically analyze everyday situations.

It encourages them to solve problems using life related Maths application. This makes the subject easier to understand and develop a student’s ability to think mathematically.

Mathematics Literacy concepts you will learn at school:

Taxation, Currency fluctuations, ratio and proportion, fractions, scientific notation, exponents and roots, Cartesian co-ordinate system, Linear programming, Linear and quadratic function, linear, quadratic, simple exponential and simultaneous linear equations, measurements, maps and floor plans, Trigonometric ratios, and graphs.

We offer maths literacy tutoring for Grades 10 to grade 12.

What Is Technical Mathematics?

The tradesman’s mathematics’, this form of Maths is designed for student who are more interested in pursuing an artisan qualification. It prepares learners for careers such as a Diesel Mechanic, electrician, Mechanical Fitter, Rigger, Boilermaker, plumber, or a Millwright to name a few.

You will Study how to use or apply concepts from pure mathematics in the technical field to deal with real world problems.

Technical mathematics concepts you will learn at school:

Algebra, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry, Euclidean Geometry, Differential Calculus & Integration Complex Numbers, Mid-ordinate Rule, Degrees and Radians, and Plotting the Ellipse, Angular and Circumferential/peripheral velocity.

We offer technical Maths tutoring for Grades 10 to grade 12.


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