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At ZiTutors, We focus on helping your child work towards achieving their learning goals through our process which is designed to help

  • identify, from the beginning, the needs of the student 
  • devise a method to address their individual issue and
  • make them a better learner.

This process is always ongoing after enrolment. every term we have a review session (parent-child meeting) where we look at

  • the failures of the term and celebrate the victories.
  • during this review, we check and adjust the goals of the student to keep them focused and on track with their learning goal.
Discovery Call and Brief
You Contact us for Private Tuition via the medium of your choice to discuss your child’s: During this interaction we will discuss the best solution possible:
  • What are your main concerns regarding your child's results?
  • What’s preventing your child from achieving their desired marks?
  • Why do you feel private tutoring would help your daughter/son?
  • When this is all in place:
    • What do you hope your child will gain from private tutoring?
    • What are your desired objectives/outcomes?
Payment and Enrolment
We send you a private tutoring agreement to enroll your child ( You can also complete this form via our website). Once we receive your form, we process it and send you an invoice for payment.
Set Learning Goals
You can't simply say, "I want" and expect it to happen. During this stage of the process, we will show you how to set SMART GOALS for yourself. We will discuss with our child:
  • How to Set Goals That Motivate You and keep you working especially when learning gets tough.
  • How to set goals in writing so that you have a visual picture of what you need to achieve.
  • Show you how to create an action planthese are the steps that you will need to reach your desired outcome or goal.
  • Stick With It!
    • set reminders to Review your goals often,
    • Set reminders to help keep you on track.
Lessons & Progress reporting
Lessons take place via an online platform that allows both the tutors and the students to write on the whiteboard during the private lesson. 

To measure progress: practice worksheets are given to the student after each lesson. The practice worksheets have questions of varying difficulty based on material covered during the lesson.  

After the first 4-private lessons of working with the student, a report will be sent to the parent.
The report will further detail weaknesses and strengths, solutions to said weaknesses and more.

Then reports will be sent once every two weeks to record progress towards the students learning goals.


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