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Learn to Maximize Your (Academic) Utility.

Essentially economics is the study of how people make choices so economics tutoring is the process of helping students make better decisions.

  • At ZiTutors we aim to equip students with the tools they need to think like an economist.
  • Students already make choices every day! The key is to make better choices that maximize your utility.
  • Should you spend the next our studying Economics or should you watch a show on Netflix? What variables should you consider when making this decision? How will you maximize your utility in the short-term and long-term?
  • If your long-term goals are to improve your comprehension of economic concepts and eventually your marks…

We are all economists at heart!

  • We speculate about the price of petrol, bread, the effects of unemployment,
  • the effectiveness of government policies, etc.….

Most students who struggle to answer questions in an economics exam can confidently hold a conversation with friends about the economic issues without realizing they are speaking like an economist.

  • “My mum won’t increase my allowance because the price of petrol has increased.
  • Everything is more expensive nowadays; I went shopping today with R500 and couldn’t even get half the usual number of groceries.” You are discussing inflation.
  • “Wow! I hear there is a shortage of eggs right now, why has their price increased so much?”

our economics tutoring will help you understand the supply and demand relationships and how they affect prices.

The examples are all around us. At ZiTutors we provide economics tutoring that helps the student translate economic jargon into everyday language that they already use every day to make choices.

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What is Economics?

Economics is the study of optimizing people and how their interact with each other.

  • We assume that all people are optimizing individuals.
  • We are all trying to satisfy our own preferences.
  • Some people might be doing business to maximize their profits, sleep all day to maximize their rest or acquire tutoring to maximize their comprehension of a subject.
  • It’s important to outline your goals and understand exactly what you want to achieve.
  • Only then can you look at your available options and choose the best one for you.

Economics principles teach you how to evaluate the options you have and choose the optimal one for you.

  • Ultimately, economics teaches you how to make decisions.
  • The skills you learn in the subject can help you make decisions in your daily life, “should I watch a movie or study? If I choose to study, how many hours should I study?”

Utilizing your resources and making decisions based on what’s best for you and the goals you are trying to achieve will make you an optimizing individual.

You will optimize your study time, optimize your comprehension of all your subjects, optimize you play-time and optimize your happiness.

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What Is Economics And Management Sciences?

Economic and Management Sciences or EMS is a compulsory subject in grades 7, 8, and 9. It’s aim is to equip

  • learners with the skills to develop themselves and the communities in which they live.
  • Students are introduced to accounting, business studies, and economics.

Economics: People have unlimited wants and needs but our resources are unfortunately limited which means we must make better choices.

  • Economics looks at how people make choices to satisfy their needs and wants.
  • Understanding the economics and essentially the South African economy will help understand the function of businesses.

Business studies: Future entrepreneurs need to understand how their business fits into the South African economy,

  • how to create a unique business and how to run a business.
  • Innovation and careful planning are essential.

Accounting: A business needs to keep a record of all its transactions and always use the money to maximize its profits.

  • Financial management is essential to running a successful business.

Economic and Management Sciences is a practical subject that teaches skills students can use in their daily lives such as

  • money management,
  • efficient and effective decision making, and
  • the importance of saving.
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