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What is Exam-Prep Tutoring?

Exam preparation or Exam prep is the journey that every student must undergo to determine their grade in a particular subject. This is an important step in every student’s educational career. Exam-prep tutoring comes in to help a student better manage this journey. Our Tutoring offers students the opportunity to fight exam anxiety, better recall information, and conquer exams with confidence.

Our Tutors help students from every corner of South Africa face their exams with confidence. Help consolidate their learning at high school so they can answer exam questions fully and adeptly. We help every student gain the ability to gain maximum marks and secure the grades that they need.

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What Is in The Exam Prep Process?

Any exam prep program consists of different phases. ours  has three Phases:

first phase, what to do before the exams. During this period, you must spend time reading, watching videos, going to study groups, consulting tutors, teachers to help build your confidence and knowledge for the exams.

Second phase, how to deal with anxiety during the exams.

lastly, learn how destress after the exam and leave the emotions of the previous exams in the past.

What Does Exam Prep Involve?

ZiTutors’ Tutoring Involves working at the student’s own pace and ensuring that subject areas or concepts are fully grasped before moving on. We provide exam-prep tutoring in a non-stressful environment and most importantly, the tutoring is done in a supportive environment. Tutoring to help achieve this goal by doing the following:

  • First, we show you how to design a simple follow Exam Study schedule Next,
  • help you manage your exam anxiety by helping you revise study material then,
  • Show you how to do self-testing through guided practice on old exam papers.
  • Planning the day of your exams
    • How to handle distractions
    • How to deal with the stress leading up to the exams.

Which Schools Does Our Exam Prep Tutoring Cover?

Our Tutors assist students in Government schools teaching the CAPS curriculum and Private schools teaching the IEB curriculum. We also help students doing home-schooling following either the IEB or CAPS syllabi.

We work with schools in South Africa from Limpopo to the Western Cape. We specialize in Grades 7 to 12 for the following subjects:


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