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At ZiTutors we provide English tutoring that equips students with the skills to critically analyze and evaluate what they hear, see, and read about in English.

  • They can become creative thinkers who can express their own beliefs and
  • debate anything expressed in the English language.
  • Our English  tutoring is about teaching the process of recalling information,
  • Comprehension of learned concepts,
  • Application of learned concepts,
  • Analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of learned work.
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What is English?

English as a subject aims to help learners develop and practice their English language skills. Every year a student has an opportunity to develop paramount skills in communication: speaking, reading, and listening skills. The goal is to practice using the English language correctly.  

The following are the main topics covered during the school year:

  1. Listening and speaking
  2. Reading and viewing
  3. Writing and presenting


Listening is different from hearing. It involves actively and carefully listening to information to learn about our surroundings. Improving your listening skills will develop your relationship with your friends, family, and teachers as you will understand them much better.

Because listening is active, you need to continuously improve your listening skills. You need to constantly ask yourself:

  • Am I carefully listening to the speaker?
  • Do I understand what they have said or read?
  • Can I answer questions about what has been said?

Understanding the steps and skills needed in listening will help the learner become a more active and critical listener.

Reading and Viewing

The steps in the reading process can be very useful when dealing with an unfamiliar text. Pre-reading state where you are simply skimming headings elicits your own background knowledge of the content. Follow all the steps religiously until you can summarize the main points and evaluate the text as a whole.

Writing and presenting

Students will have to write and present different kinds of texts from letters to essays; however, in all of them the writing process must be followed. The writing process: planning and drafting, revising, editing, proofreading, and presenting.it


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