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Our Services Overview

We offer 2 core One-On-One  tutoring services that are refined to empower students with the knowledge to achieve the highest level of academic success. All our tutoring services are student centric, meaning they are focused on addressing a student’s personal tutoring needs.

One-On-One Tutoring

Parents want the best for their children’s education, they want the children to truly understand their academic potential and work towards realize it. However, large class sizes and the lack of individual attention sometimes make achieving this goal challenging. One-on-one tutoring, is an effective method to address this gap. 

ZiTutors provides one-on-one tutoring for dedicated learning and necessary knowledge imparting. We offer a service that teaches students how to conquer their own academic battles (Zinqobele) and achieve their learning goals.

Online One-on-one Tutoring services

Online tuition is tutoring done using the internet via a computer or mobile device. This form of tutoring is lot more flexible and convenient. The sessions are one on one and in real time. We provide online tutoring for south Africa for both the CAPS and IEB curriculums.

  • The lessons are done through a collaborative whiteboard with video and audio chat.
  • The whiteboard is user-friendly and creates an efficient working environment.
  • Students have access to their sessions recording for review.
  • Unlimited access to their online assigned optional practice materials.

How We Help Our Students Achieve Success:

  1. One-on-one  lessons that are focused on helping the learner achieve their learning goals:
  2. Encouraging the learner to make mistakes, this concept promotes learning because it allows the students to be comfortable with making mistakes and asking questions.
  3. Provide a low-pressure environment where students feel safe to try:
    • This allows the learner to build the confidence required to become a lover of learning.
  4. We ask questions and listen to all ideas:
    • At ZiTutors we believe it is important for the students to do most of the explaining to help reinforce student learning and help the tutor identify problem areas.
    • We believe in the power of teaching the value of good habits. Habits are products of our behaviour; they accumulate over time after several repeated instance.
    • Repetition of these learned behaviours can lead to success, this is our philosophy here at ZiTutors – To Teach academic success through the repetition of good habits.

in-person One-on-one tutoring

In-person tutoring, or in-home tutoring, or traditional  one-on-one  tutoring is tutoring done in person, whereby the student and the tutor meet at a mutual location of the students choosing.

  • Here at ZiTutors, we provide Maths and Science tutoring at either the closest library to the student’s home or the students home, itself.
  • Our in-person lessons are one on one and in real time much like our online lessons.

Grades And Subjects For Our One-On-One Tutoring

  • Geography
  • History
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences [NS]
  • Economics and Management Sciences [EMS]

The Functions of Our One-On-One tutoring

  • Challenge an academically strong learner beyond what they are learning in class to further develop their capacity to learn and achieve.
  • Keep strong learners from getting bored at school.
  • Provide a platform for struggling learners to catch up to their peers by focusing on the areas they find difficult.
  • Provide extra practice to help reinforce concepts to maintain a learner’s progress and encourage independent learning.


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