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Private Tutoring To Sharpen Your Skills And Become A Better Learner

One-on-one Private Tutoring, what It IS?

Simply put, private tutoring means that one student is tutored by one tutor either online or in the student’s home. This form of tutoring is designed to address one point that is sometimes overlooked and that is that all students benefit from lessons tailored to their individual learning goals.

Our one-on-one tutoring provides a much calmer and more focused environment for the student to advance their ability to:

  • Increase their capacity to learn
  • Get organized and prepare for what’s to come thus
  • Create a better sense of accountability for their learning
  • Try and try and try again without feeling like giving up.

The true goal of our one-on-one tutoring is to increase the student’s confidence by creating an environment that stimulates deeper learning. An environment where the student feels comfortable to ask questions, make mistakes, and truly learn.

One-on-One Private Tutoring

How can they help propel you to new learning heights?

The are many benefits to a student getting private tutoring that goes beyond just filling the gaps that a student might have in their knowledge.

  • It inspires higher levels of problem-solving and thinking.
  • Motivates the student to become self-reliant.
  • Helps develop the value of good habits.

Our tutors can assist with:

  • Teaching the concepts that a student does not understand.
  • Provide Guidance with homework and assignments.
  • Be useful support and resource to the student.
  • Review previous year’s curriculum to fill in learning gaps and better prepare the student for the current year’s course content.

How to Make the Most of Our Private Tutoring Sessions

The focus, purpose, and even mission to be achieved for each session is to help you (the student). This means that you need to come to each lesson prepared to engage the tutor to the best of your ability so Be sure to bring your relevant assignments, notes, papers, and books. The sessions are about you.

Arrive at each session prepared:

  • Bring all necessary materials (i.e., textbook, assignments, etc.) to each tutoring session.
  • Prepare for sessions by planning, do not wait until the last minute.
  • Participate actively in all aspects of the tutoring session by asking questions.
  • The tutor will not do your homework for exams for you so complete as much work as possible before your sessions.
  • Immediately go over the work that has been covered during your lesson to help reinforce what was learned.

Tutor’s Role:

  • Help you understand the information that you do not, but they will not replace your teachers.
  • Guide you to the right answers but will not give you the answers. This is to encourage independent thinking.
  • Our Tutors will at no time execute assignments and homework on behalf of the student, but they can review the assignment and provide direction on how to correct mistakes.
  • Assist you learn how to read your textbooks for understanding, but they will not explain something that you have not read.
  • Tutors can help you achieve your learning goals. They will expect nothing less than your best effort, and neither should you

How Can Our Private Tutoring Help You:

ZITutors is committed to offering safe and effective one-on-one tutoring during the covid-19 pandemic. As such, we are only operating online until such time that we can safely provide tutoring at a student’s home.

What does our online tutoring platform do:

  • Record and playback the sessions
  • Has an interactive whiteboard that both the student and tutor can use in real-time.
  • It has audio and video calling to communicate during the lessons.
  • The lessons can be sent to the student as pdf after each lesson.


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